Cuisinart EPC-1200PC 6-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker Review

Cuisinart EPC-1200PC 6-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker ReviewThe pressure cooking approach is confirmed to be among the list of healthiest methods of cooking food. Most of the time you will use just a little bit of oil and sometimes no oil at all. The benefit of having a pressure cooker is that regardless of the high pressure, you won’t lose any fluid from the meat and the vegetables will not lose any nutrients or vitamins. This means that you do not need to deal with a raw-diet to be able to withhold the several advantages from the vegetable-fruit group of the food pyramid.

If you are searching for a new way of living a healthy lifestyle, the Cuisinart EPC-1200PC might be your perfect option. Fundamentally, Cuisinart stands for high quality but exactly how does the 1200PC electric pressure cooker match up against other brands on the market? Could it possibly be really worth your money, do the cons surpass the pros? Feel free to browse through the review to determine if this device is the ideal fit for you, if not, read my other reviews on this site to find your perfect pressure cooker.

Key Features

  • Electric Pressure Cooker
  • 70% less cooking time
  • LED display
  • Versatile functions, simmer, brown and sauté
  • Includes a digital thermostat
  • Measures 12.2″ L x 12.2″ W x 13.19″ H
  • Side handles will stay cool
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Removable cooking pot for easy cleaning
  • Safety system incorporated, no pressure built-up if lid is not securely locked
  • Timer
  • 3 year warranty

Additional features

The Cuisinart pressure cooker has plenty of different time saving features. Featuring a push-button that makes it extremely user friendly, with the LED display it is easy to read from and accurate thermo regulator gives you the ability to control the heat to ensure you’ll obtain the most delicious cooking results.

Apart from that, this device boasts plenty of functions. For example the ability to pressure cook, simmer, brown and sauté. One of the safety features are the side handles that will always stay cool so you can move the pot or touch it safely even though it is powered on. The pot and trivet is removable so you can easily put it in the dishwasher to clean.

The Cuisinart EPC-1200PC can be used both with high and low pressure cooking. It will reduce your cooking time by 70% so the actual cooking time is minimal. This cooker will save you a lot of time and if you want to easily and quickly cook a delicious meal for a large family/group, then this cooker is efficient use of your valuable time.

With the push button controls, you are able to use the Cuisinart EPC-1200PC as an effective multi-cooker utilizing the precise thermo-stat to change the temperature. The cooker will then modify the built-in program and give the extra functionalities to brown the food, sauté, simmer and maintain heat.

The cool-touch side handles are to maximize the balance and to distribute weight evenly to make it easier to lift the whole pot from the trivet, to serve it or rest the pot somewhere else. With the cool-touch handles, you will never have to worry about using oven gloves to move the cooker, therefore avoiding the risk of dropping it to the floor and break it


The EPC-1200PC is a 1000 Watt pressure cooker with the capacity of 6 quarts which would be ideal for a family of 5 or 6. You should be able to maintain up to 70% of the important vitamins and nutrients in the food. All the pressure cooker manufacturers out there will claim the same thing and state that up to seventy percent will be retained.

The basic fact is that pressure cooking opens up the market for healthier eating habits. It is true what they claim and the reality is that the food you eat will be much healthier and nutrient than any food that you cook by using other cooking methods. The Cuisinart EPC-1200PC just takes the step a little further to make it easier to eat healthy by having everything straight forward. This includes the operation of pressure cooking, sautéing, simmering, browning and warming. Everything can be done with just a push-of-a-button.

Time Saver

This unit minimizes the cooking time by nearly 70%. This is on par with other brands that guarantee similar time saving period. Save up to two third of cooking time will leave you with more time focus on other activities around the house. More additional features to help you save more time are the timer, automatic lock for the lid that will only open if pressure has dropped, cool-touch side handles and the non-stick coating inside the pot.

Also, you won’t have to waste time washing up the cooker in your hand as it is dishwasher safe. Since I am mentioning the time saving features of this cooker, it is also worth mentioning how the unit is a great conserver of water which is perfect for those who are willing to make conscious effort to save water without worrying about the energy bill.

Health Benefits

Being a proud owner of the EPC-1200PC ensures that you do not need to give up on the ingredients those appeals to you to be able to get used to that healthy way of eating. With this pressure cooker, you are able to put your health in the first place with all your favorite ingredients and the cooker will retain 70% of the nutrients in the food.

Using the Cuisinart EPC-1200PC, you are able to really enjoy all your favorite healthy foods such as soups, rice, stews, meat, roasts, pudding and casseroles and you can rest assured that you will never ever lose the flavor or cook away the healthy benefits of your food no matter how many times you use the device.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Cool-touch side handles
  • Easy to operate
  • Push-button
  • LED display
  • Variety of cooking functions
  • Built-in safety mechanism that prevents too much pressure and temperature
  • Easy to wash (Dishwasher safe)
  • Reduces your cooking time
  • Energy efficient
  • Retains nutrients and flavor


  • You need to release pressure manually to be able to see the food inside being cooked

Final Points

If are in search of a piece of equipment that can consistently cook healthy food for you even though you are outside or one that will do magic for you in the kitchen, then take a further look at the Cuisinart EPC-1200PC. It truly is a complete versatile unit with multi-functional features that allows you to choose different cooking programs in case you get bored of the same cooking method.

The Cuisinart EPC-1200PC includes precisely what you’ll need to cook booming and delicious meals over and over again. As a matter of fact, the Cuisinart family will warranty your investment for 3 years, so you can easily return it in the unlikely event you receive a faulty cooker. The Cuisinart EPC-1200PC gets the jobs done very effectively and this is a brand worth taking into consideration if price and dependability are among the two most important things you value.

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